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Your Failure is an Asset!

A lot of time, we forget that failure is an event, not the name of a person. That you failed doesn’t
make you a failure. In fact, measurable failure is an essential department in the school of success.
There is no successful person who has never failed in one way or the other before. That you
failed means that you put in some effort to succeed.  Emphatically, your failure could be an asset.
If failure is going to be considered an asset, you must fail forward, not backwards. Understand
that coming with every failure is a lesson to learn for the future. Look at Moses in the Holy
Bible; he left Egypt like a fugitive. He was a respected prince in his own right who became
uncomfortable with what was going on in that nation. He decided to run away. That looked like a
breaking away, but that was where his destiny was going to see the light of the day. If Moses had
stayed in Egypt pretending all was fine, he would not have fulfilled his destiny.

He looked like a failure going into an unprepared future, but God had a plan for him. The same
Moses became the deliverer of a nation. If you hand over your failures to God, He knows how to
convert them into a success story for you. There is nothing we surrender to God that he wouldn’t
make something great out of it, including our lives. What struggles are you having? What aspect
of life gives you the most significant challenge? Have people given up on you? Are you tired of
life? I come with a piece of good news, my friend: if you can surrender all to God, He will make
something great out of it.

Moses, in the earlier example, had an encounter with God, and that was the beginning of the best
days of his life. What he was trying to do and failed, God took over and made him a phenomenal
leader. Many people run away from God when they fail in one way or the other. That is the
desire of the devil; he doesn’t want that fellowship with the Father to be consistent. If, for any
reason, you fail, please run to God; don’t run away from Him. He can teach you a lesson from
that failure.

God spoke to a man in the Holy Bible who had a particular issue, ‘But he (God) said to me: ‘I
myself will help you and I will make you strong. I am everything that you need. When you
are weak, then I will be powerful in you.’ (2 Corinthians 12:9). What makes anything a lasting
asset is the degree of its surrender to God. If you will give him your failures today, then watch
out for phenomenal success busting forth. You are not a failure, dear friend. Gather those
experiences of failure, hand them over to God, pick reasonable lessons where necessary, and
boom, it becomes an asset to you and others.

If you are afraid to fail, you will never take any step forward. We must all understand that failing
is always an opportunity to intelligently start again. The real letter from failure, if properly read,
says you can do better with more preparation, excellence and hard work. What the enemy wants
you to read is that you are a failure and you will never do well. This is a lie, and you must not
believe it.

I remember when I clocked 25 years of age; I was opportune to facilitate a seminar session with
a set of educators. It was my birthday, and I was excited about the seminar. Unfortunately, I was ill-prepared, and the performance was not good enough. In fact, one or two of the participants of
the seminar made jest of me and that performance. I was really disappointed in myself. That
experience spoiled my day, needless I say.

However, I knew that would never be my last presentation. I didn’t give up; I developed my
speaking skills, read more, leveraged with others doing the same thing, handed it over to God
and launched out again. Obviously, I got better at speaking over the years, and I have had the
opportunity to speak to educators across different platforms. I have even spoken to many other
audiences as a pastor and trainer, and I have also written books that blessed many. Note that I
failed, but then I took the message correctly and moved forward.

My friend, I am still wondering today, where are those who made jest of me then? People may
make jest of you today because you failed, but if you see failure as an asset and read the letter
from it appropriately, I can assure you success is on the way. Don’t be discouraged; remember,
failure is a solid department in the school of success. I also remember the story of Thomas
Edison (the inventor of the incandescent lamp), who failed 9,999 times, according to history.

That’s really serious! He then succeeded at the 10,000th attempt. He was quoted as saying, “I
have not failed. I have just found 9,999 ways that do not work.” Today, his invention is a
blessing to the whole world. I charge you, my friend; don’t rob the world of the glory the
almighty God put inside you because you failed. Stand up, pick the lessons, leverage on God’s
strength and move on. Leave jesters; let your success do the talking later in life. God bless you.

Have a purpose-driven day.
Remember, Jesus loves you!

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