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Terms of Service

By utilizing this website, you affirm your acceptance and understanding of these rules, which apply to all communications on this platform. Noncompliance may result in edited or deleted posts, as well as account actions such as warnings, infractions, or bans. Christian Forum Africa reserves the right to modify these rules without prior notice, and it is your responsibility to regularly review and comply with them.

Our Statement on Marriage:

Christian Forum Africa recognizes marriage as a sacred institution established by God between a man and a woman. Same-sex marriages are not recognized, and members in such unions should select an appropriate marital status in their profiles.

Blasphemy and Contempt of Christianity:

Insulting or mocking Christianity, the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), or making derogatory remarks is considered blasphemy. Honest debate is allowed, but disrespectful comments are not permitted.

Vulgarity and Profanity:

Graphic or sexually explicit content, as well as profanity, is strictly prohibited. This includes attempts to bypass profanity filters.

Topics Requiring Special Consideration:

Certain controversial topics such as abortion, adultery, and illegal activities may be discussed but not encouraged. Guidelines specific to each forum should be followed.


Members are expected to treat others with respect and avoid making the experience of fellow members miserable. False accusations and persistent attacks are not allowed.

Statement of Purpose and Off-Topic:

Members should adhere to each forum’s Statement of Purpose, starting relevant threads, and submitting replies that align with the topic of discussion.

Privacy, Impersonation, Confidentiality:

Sharing personally identifiable information without consent is prohibited. Truthfulness about one’s identity is crucial, and impersonation of other members is not allowed.

Copyright Legalities, Spamming and Advertising, Signatures, Videos:

Respecting copyright, avoiding spam, and adhering to guidelines regarding signatures and videos are essential. Advertising commercial products or services is not permitted.

Disruptive Behavior, Campaigning, Staff Disciplinary Action:

Members must refrain from undermining rules or engaging in campaigns, petitions, or protests against them. Discussion about staff actions should be done privately through the Contact us page.

Bypassing Bans:

Creating multiple accounts to bypass bans is strictly forbidden.

Advertisement on the Forum:

Members are urged to report objectionable ads promptly. Discussion about ads should be done privately to avoid confusion.

Off-Site Organized Groups:

Members involved in off-site organized groups may not publicly promote or recruit for these groups on Christian Forum Africa.

Account Deletions:

Account deletions are not permitted, and members seeking to leave the community may request a deactivation through the Contact us page.

Private Messages (PMs):

A minimum post and like count is required for participating in private conversations.

PMs Rules:

The private message box is for light discussion only, and all site rules apply.

Statement of Faith:

Christian Forum Africa adheres to the Nicene Creed, affirming key Christian beliefs. Members are expected to respect and align with this statement.