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HTM Code – Heart, Time, and Money (Christian Code 101)

What is the HTM code?

It sounds like a programming language HTML (smiles), HTML it is a markup language, our
computer gurus can relate. HTM is an acronym of Heart Time and money.

In this blog article, we’ll talk about this important important Christian acronym HTM – the Heart, Time, and Money. Let’s explore why these things matter for Christians.

Heart: Where Your True Self Shows

Think of your heart like a garden. What you plant there – your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings – shows in how you act. Just like a gardener can’t deny the oranges in their garden, we can’t ignore what comes out of our hearts. The Bible says in Luke 6:45 that good people bring out good things from their hearts, and bad people bring out bad things. So, it’s crucial to feed our hearts with positive things, like God’s word, to grow good fruits in our lives.

Time: A Valuable Resource

Time is like money – it’s precious. Christians are encouraged to spend time on things that matter, especially on growing spiritually. Joshua 1:8 says we should think about God’s teachings day and night. This means we should continuously invest our time in learning and living by God’s wisdom. By doing this, we set ourselves up for a life that reflects God’s plan for us.

Money: How You Use It Matters

Our money choices show what’s important to us. It’s not just a secular thing; it’s part of being a Christian too. By giving to others, being responsible with our money, and following biblical principles, we show that our values align with God’s. The Bible teaches about being generous and wise with our money, using it to help others and build God’s kingdom.

Living as a Christian means caring about your Heart, Time, and Money. By taking care of your heart’s garden, spending time on what matters, and using money in line with your faith, you’re not just talking about being a Christian – you’re showing it in your everyday life. This simple code leads to a life where you delight in God, do His will, stay conscious of Him, and become a true friend of God.

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