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  • What to do with your SINGLEHOOD season pt 2

    Posted by confy on January 6, 2024 at 9:28 pm

    Remember we established earlier that the SINGLEHOOD season is full of freedom, space, time, opportunities and Energies. So if you do not convert it wisely, you may waste it unwisely. The next thing to do this season is learn:

    1. Time Management: Managing your 24 hrs correctly with meaningful engagements. If you do not allot time to your daily activities, you may be shocked to discover that at the close of each day you achieved nothing.

    1 Wake up timing yourself, you can’t sleep all day. Neither gisting nor social media chatting can put food on the table. So grab your 24hrs consciously, time activities and watch your progress. Example: I will bath, brush,dress, fix my room and breakfast in 1hr 30 minutes. It’s a time allotment. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Just start.

    2. Put down 4 things to achieve in a day. Check your progress. If you fail today, you get it better tomorrow. You are doing well.

    3. In a Month, XYZ will be achieved. A month has on the average of 30 days.

    4. Get a Piggy bank. Learn to save. You can improvise with an empty Can, bottle or box. Throw in money there everyday. A dollar everyday. Start. You will be amazed at your progress.

    5. Read books concerning Singles, Married, Seperated and Divorced. When you read books on Singles, you are Studying yourself in this particular stage. When you read that of the Married, you are preparing for the family life ahead. When you study that of the Seperated, you are preparing how to Escape that CLASS. When you eventually study on the Divorced and Divorce, you are equipping yourself never to fall prey here. Divorce hurts. All parties involved lives in regret one way or the other.

    6. Learn a profitable trade or skill. Be known for a profession, technique, skill, career. Create a Machine generating fund for you. Source of income.

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