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  • Speaking in tongues is done by Faith.

    Posted by assaultonprecinct on January 15, 2024 at 10:30 pm

    Seventy percent of Christians don’t speak in tongues because ‘‘It just doesn’t feel right’’ Well… It doesn’t need to feel right to be done. It’s just like a Christian who doesn’t feel like he’s saved from sin after believing and confessing Jesus as Lord. It really doesn’t matter how you feel but what the word of God says. Because the devil can bring feelings. In Mark 16:17 and 18 Jesus clearly says that those who believe in Him will speak with new tongues. So a Christian should speak in tongues by making the utterance and allowing the spirit of God to feel your mouth.

    The way you have Faith that you’re going to Heaven, that is how you must believe that you’re communicating with God when speaking in tongues.

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