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    Posted by gracefuloak on January 8, 2024 at 9:39 am

    As social media and other technological means of connecting with other people as become a norm for us, we might not be aware that we are addicted to these things.

    It is therefore pertinent on each of us to evaluate ourselves to determine whether we on the right track.

    For us as believers, God’s word which is the truth must be priority in our lives. Social media is filled with lies, and alterations to the truth of God’s word.

    Spending too much of time on these platforms and taking in these alterations will eventually lead to believing some of those lies. Social media addiction is not far-fetched but it’s effects are far-reaching.

    Some steps to take to break free of social media addiction include firstly determining how much time you spend on social media.

    There are many apps on your phone store or even the social media apps have features that tell you precisely how much time you are spending on those apps. You’d be surprised by the figures.

    When you determine, now set goals for how much time you rather want to spend on those platforms instead. There are many apps like I pointed that analyses how much time you are spending on your device and on different apps, and would help you block out access to certain apps that are more addictive for you until say a certain time of the day.

    This would help control and restrict your access to those apps.

    There a thing called short attention span, that is caused by social media addiction. This is when someone can’t be attentive to listen or read or give attention to valuable resources because they are used to the euphoria of the short videos and content of social media.

    Curbing the time you spend on social media would also help overcome short attention span.

    Like any other addiction, it takes time and effort to fully recover, so don’t beat yourself up when you fail, but be willing to try again and take the chance on yourself to overcome.

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