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    Posted by tim on January 16, 2024 at 11:19 pm

    I’ve a life but I need your body to communicate it to the world.

    I’ve oh…I’ve! Can I abide in you?

    I’ve a lot of things, only if you can grant me a stay.

    Like the foxes and their holes, I need your as my hole

    Like the birds and their nest

    Please! Come be my nest.

    You are the temple of the Holy Ghost,

    Without you there is no service.

    Please! House me and see what I will make out of you.

    I want to use your hand to fight; that is why you are my battle axe.

    like the voice of the one crying in the wilderness (John the Baptist)

    I’ll love to use your mouth to preach;

    I’ve come in the volume of a book that is written of me.

    I want to write through your hands; that is why you are a pen in the hands of the writer.

    I love to use you to kill some; that is why you are the arrow in the hands of the Mighty

    I want to use your legs to tread upon scorpions and serpents.

    Please! Don’t scort me. Accommodate me; I need more than a bed space.

    House me! Through my Spirit if you can be sensitive

    I have built an estate you are my care-taker; Please don’t lock me out

    Like the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation

    Just like MTN service through the sim pack is not possible without a handset.

    Please! I want a place of abode.

    Just like the idea of salvation located a body called JESUS

    My idea is looking for a body to become a product. Allow me to possess you, so that you can pray some more. …..

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