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    Posted by _the_light on January 6, 2024 at 11:04 am

    Does my prayer count? Yes it does
    What difference does it make if I pray or not? You’ll see,Follow me please

    There were days when i felt distant from God when i don’t pray or study consistently,It used to be difficult for me to start all over again, because on those days i get angry with myself for not being able to hold a steady devotion without breaking consistency and so i felt God might feel the same emotion towards me so i didn’t want to reach out ..

    There’s one thing that’s never changing,God’s love for us …
    Not even your disappearance from the secret place for days, Don’t get me wrong,having a consistent devotional life is very important and beautiful

    Prayer and The Word doesn’t guarantee us a place in God’s heart instead it guarantees God a place in our heart,its a place of intimacy between Us and God ,a place of relationship, a means of communication..

    God loves you regardless, don’t beat yourself up,run back into his hands,and start all over again..Yes he gets hurt when we don’t prioritize him over everything but his love for you can never be compromised when you don’t pray or study
    Instead its detrimental for us when we starve our spirit of God’s word

    There will be days when you don’t feel on top of the world in your secret place ,Stay there ,Grow past the emotions,We don’t need the goosebumps to keep us with the one who saved us ..We know for a fact that he loves us beyond the excitement we feel when we worship,when we pray,we are certain of God’s love,and this should always be our reason to stay faithful.
    We don’t pray because we need God’s approval or endorsement, We pray because we have been approved to approach his throne boldly!

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