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    Posted by rhoda_olowu on April 7, 2024 at 12:29 am

    It sad to see a lot of people go into wrong relationships, and end up in horrible situations. There’s a reason we are to watch and pray as Christians. Prayer is meant help us hear from God, give us peace over certain situations, but our physical eyes have their purpose too. It’s meant to see danger from afar and avoid it… Run in the other direction. Yes, there are cases where some believers have been intentionally deceived into wrong relationships, but that’s the exception, the worst case scenario no one prays to a part of. Not the rule, not the every day situation. When something happens later in a marriage, the signs always have been there since courtship, if only we open our eyes, and let God open our hearts of understanding.

    Note: Marriage doesn’t change a person. If he/she doesn’t change before marriage, they most likely never will, in fact, they might get worse. Continue in that behavior. Is there a very God cannot change? No. However, are you the person the Holy Spirit directed to change this person? Be double sure. You are not the Holy Spirit, you’re not responsible for changing a person. That’s God’s work, don’t do it for Him if He didn’t expressly ask you to, especially in the place called marriage.

    So to avoid divorce, a painful mishap that is an eventually of a wrong courtship and marriage, open your physical and spiritual eyes. Let God lead you, and listen to the signs you see physically as well. Good or bad, they are telling you something about your future. Guard your heart with all diligence. Ask questions first, get to know them first before you “fall in love”. Love at first sight is not meant to be the standard for Christians who desire kingdom marriages. It’s a myth sold by the entertainment industry, based off emotions that a lot of people buy into.

    If you are not married yet, open your eyes, choose your life partner carefully.

    May God help us all In Jesus name. Amen.

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